We are currently scheduling appointments for the tax season. The best way to request an appointment right now is to call us at (360) 910-1218 or email Paul at [email protected].

To prepare for your appointment, please bring the following documents:

Tax Client Checklist, which you can download HERE.

Income documents, including:

W2  Wage statements from your employer(s)
1099-G or W2-Gs Unemployment, state refund and gambling winnings
1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-B  Interest, dividends, and investment info
1099-Misc  Independent contractor or self employment income; rents; royalties and other misc income   1099 Misc
1099-R   Pension or Retirement income
1099-SSA  Social Security or Railroad Retirement statements
K-1  Partnership, S-corp, Trust or Estate income
Alimony paid or received and Recipient’s SSN
Rental Property income and expenses
Self Employment income and expenses

Expense documents, including:

1098  Mortgage interest statement
Child Care Amount paid, provider names, tax ID number, address and phone number
Medical and Dental Expenses
Taxes paid  Property, Income, Quarterly estimates, Trimet, Business, Portland Arts, Sales
Work-related expenses union dues, mileage, unreimbursed supplies, continuing education,
1098-E  Student loan interest paid
1098-T Educational expenses paid – IRS now requires this 1098-T.  In addition, if box 1 of the 1098-T is blank, we will need the financial activity (including date) on the account to determine how much tuition and fees were actually paid during 2016. (remember reciepts for books, supplies, etc)
Charitable contribution letters and/or receipts  If you need help determining the value of your non-cash contributions, click the FORMS tab to download a valuation guide
OR Energy Credit postcard  You must have the postcard from Oregon to be able to claim a tax credit for Energy Efficient Property. Get this by submitting required paperwork. More information can be found here.

THE IRS has expanded the questions we must ask as well as documentation you must provide in order to process returns that include Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, or the American Opportunity Tax Credit.  Details in newsletter.


Please bring your Photo ID, Social Security cards for everyone on your return, and your most recent 2 years of tax returns