Have you considered tax services in Vancouver WA?

There are few things more stressful than not being prepared when tax season rolls around. Did you forget an essential document that you have to have in order to prove that you were a full-time student? Are you having trouble logging into the Washington Health Plan Finder website and retrieving required healthcare marketplace information? Do you not know the difference between a 401k and a Roth IRA? Then Paul Montague Tax Preparation LLC may be able to help! When you choose us for tax services in Vancouver WA, you’re choosing an experienced and knowledgeable tax preparer that will not only make sure your forms are filed accurately, but will explain why we’re making each decision we make.

What kind of taxes do you work on?

Tax Services Vancouver WA

With years of experience doing taxes, we’re confident that we can help with businesses, families, individual taxes in Vancouver WA. We’re familiar with all kinds of taxes and do our best to minimize your taxes or maximize your refund. Some kinds of people we commonly work with include:

  • Self-employed people. Whether you run your own business or work as a freelancer, we can help get your taxes filed right.
  • Individuals. If you haven’t done taxes or have no idea about the process, our tax preparation services will get you through the maze.
  • Changing households. Whether a member is added or lost from a household, we will get you through the tax differences.
  • Special circumstances. You may have lost or gained a new job, been given money in an inheritance, or even won some gambling. We’ll guide you through the forms you need.

Let us handle the tax filing process for you

Not only can we help you minimize your tax burden by finding deductions and credits you qualify for, but we’ll fill out all the relevant forms and even send them to the IRS on your behalf. All that you’re responsible for is acquiring the crucial information and documentation to back up your claims, and we’ll handle it from there. It really is that easy! And in the rare event of an audit, we’ll continue working for you to get you through it. Call or contact us to speak with a qualified tax specialist in Vancouver WA today.