Looking for help with Tax Preparation in Vancouver WA?

Taxes are an inevitable part of living in the United States. And unfortunately, they are extremely complicated. Before self-service tax software, doing taxes was a true night terror. Now it’s only a nightmare; so long as you can get by on the standard deduction and credits. But if you have a more complicated income situation, getting the help of a tax preparer in Vancouver WA may be your best option. And if you want a local tax preparation service with your best interest at heart, try Paul Montague Tax Preparation, LLC. We know the ins and outs of the tax codes and study taxes so you don’t have to!

What’s your tax filing status?

When doing taxes, filing status is one of the most crucial aspects, and for many households, it makes the greatest difference. Choosing the ideal filing status can have an impact of thousands of dollars right away. Not sure which filing status is ideal for your particular situation? We’ll help you figure that out. Itemizing instead? Then come to us and we’ll make sure to maximize your refund!

You can help with itemizing taxes?

Tax Preparation Vancouver WA

Itemizing taxes can drastically lower your tax burden; but only if you’ve planned for it ahead of time. Itemizing is when you add up tax-deductible expenses individually instead of taking one of the standard deductions like Married Filing Jointly or Head of Household. With proper documentation, you can greatly lower your taxable income, meaning that you’ll pay less in taxes—or get a bigger refund!

Itemizing sounds like a good idea. Should I do it?

Because itemizing requires you to keep track of your expenses, it’s something you have to prepare for ahead of time. And even then, it may not be your best option. Business owners are more likely to benefit from itemizing than individuals, as many business expenses are deductible. If you’re a business owner that hasn’t considering itemizing, you should keep track of everything and see how much it adds up. You may be surprised by how much you spend; and how much you can save with itemizing.

Oregon Resident?

As an Oregon resident, you know that you don’t have to pay sales tax, even if you’re in another state. But did you know that Oregon has other state-specific credits as well? We’ll find out if you’re eligible for the Oregon Energy Efficient Property Credit and other credits too!

How do I know if tax preparation is right for me?

While self-service tax programs are ideal for people starting out or with modest incomes, tax preparation services more than pay for themselves for business owners or people with unusual or multiple sources of revenue. When you come to us, we start with a questionnaire to determine what tax services will be best for you and your situation. This includes important basic questions like marital status and occupation changes, but also goes through possible exemptions and credits, such as credits for qualifying dependents. So whether you have a business or need individual tax preparation in Vancouver WA, call or contact us, and we’ll make sure you’ll get what you deserve.