Confused about your individual tax in Vancouver WA?

If it’s that time of the year again and you haven’t even thought about taxes, you aren’t alone. While many business owners are constantly worrying about their expenses and their tax burden, the same doesn’t go for many individuals. And where do you even start? While the advent of do-it-yourself tax software has been a boon for many people, for those with unusual sources of income, you may be paying far more than you need to. If you’re one of these people, or are simply looking to be absolutely sure your individual tax in Vancouver WA is handled right, try Paul Montague Tax Preparation LLC. With extensive experience with all kinds of taxes, you won’t be disappointed when you choose us!

What tax services can you do for an individual?

Individual Tax Vancouver WA

Many people think that a tax preparation service can only help them if they own a successful business or make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. However, individuals can make use of a tax preparer as well in the right circumstances. Our team can help all kinds of people, with tax services such as:

  • Help with filling out the new health insurance coverage forms required through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Locating tax deductions and credits, especially for students who have paid tuition in the last year.
  • We double-check all tax forms for accuracy and send it off to the IRS so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • The IRS not only targets suspicious returns, but makes random selections too. If this happens after our tax services, we’ll be there for you every step of the process.

We help Oregon residents too! 

Although we’re located in Vancouver WA, if you’re across the border, we’ll gladly assist you with your taxes as well. We’re familiar with both Washington and Oregon-specific tax credits to help maximize your refund.

Choose us for individual tax filing

While taxes are rarely easy, we do our best to take the burden off of your shoulders. And we help people of all levels of tax experience. Nearly became a tax attorney but changed your mind? We’ll tell you what’s changed recently. Are your filing your very first taxes? We’ll explain everything to you. When you need individual taxes in Vancouver WA, come to us and we’ll make sure it’s done right. We study taxes so you don’t have to! Call or contact us today for more details.