Here are a few of the questions we have received regarding our tax preparation services.

How long should my return take?

This will depend on the complexity of the return.  Some simple returns will only take an hour, while others may take several days to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

Can you file my return electronically?

Not yet, but we are waiting on the IRS to send our authorization to file returns electronically.  We hope to receive this authorization by the end of January.

What are your office hours?

During the early stage of this year's tax season, we are by appointment.  As the season progresses, we will be open from 10:00am - 6:00pm, Monday -Friday, with breaks for lunch and a two hour break Thursday afternoon from noon-2:00pm.

Do you provide refund anticipation loans?

We are not setup to provide these types of services.  However, in most cases, when your returns are filed electronically with the direct deposit option, you should receive your refunds within about two weeks.