Meet the Team

Paul Montague


Prior to starting Paul Montague Tax Preparation, LLC, Paul spent six years with the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, three years as Executive Director of Identity Clark County, two years as Executive Director of the Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce, and several years doing tax preparation work for A-1 Income Tax and H&R Block.  Paul understands the needs of the small business owner, and is committed to the needs of each client.

During his earlier years in the income tax preparation business, Paul came to appreciate the complexities and subtleties of each individual’s tax return.  Paul views each tax return as something of a puzzle, uncovering and pulling together the  pieces of each client’s life over the prior tax year, and assembling them together into a completed picture which is then filed as their tax return.  Just as no puzzle is complete without all the pieces, no return is complete without all of its elements.